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Do you wish insects would just leave your home alone? You never want to see ants crawling across the floor again. Those cockroaches that keep appearing in the basement had better find a new place to live. Insects are gross and annoying, but thankfully, they are not that hard to get rid of if you rely on a professional pest control service. They can use the right combination of baits, traps, and sprays to get rid of the pesky insects. They'll leave your home alone just like you've always wanted. Read more in the articles to follow; we go into more detail.

Are You Curious How Long Your House Has Had Bed Bugs? 3 Reasons To Ask Your Exterminator For Their Estimate


Bed bugs are so small that most people don't notice them in their house until the issue becomes fairly extensive. Once you've figured out where you are getting those bug bites every morning, you may also be curious to find out exactly when and how you brought the nuisance pests home.

A bed bug exterminator can sometimes look for clues to find out how long a smaller infestation has been going on. For instance, they can check for the dead skin casings that molting bed bugs leave behind. Since bed bugs tend to molt around once a week during their early stages of life, you can assume that an infestation might have gone on for around several weeks if there are multiple sizes of castings. Although it isn't foolproof, you can have an exterminator give you an estimate on how long the problem has been going on to help you achieve these goals for getting a pest-free home.

Find Out Who Else Might Need to Know

Bed bugs come with a stigma that can prevent people from helping to stop the spread of these nuisance pests. If you can identify a potential source of the infestation, then you might be able to determine who else might need to be warned. For instance, it is possible that your kids had a friend stay overnight around the time that the problem started. Sharing your concerns with them can help them to also arrange for bed bug extermination so that you don't keep passing the problem back and forth.

Identify the Best Course of Treatment

The size and timeline of an infestation can help the exterminator determine the best course of treatment for your household. For example, you may only need a one-room treatment if the problem is small and kept to only one part of the house. A whole-house treatment is another option that might be required if the problem has been going on for a while. 

Prevent a Repeat Infestation

The timeline might also help you to avoid having the problem keep happening in the future. Did the exterminator determine that the issue might have started back during your last vacation? If so, then you might not want to use the same hotel or form of lodging that you enjoyed while you were there the last time. Alternatively, you might trace the timeline back to a certain shop that you visited or a workplace environment. These types of clues can help you to keep your home pest-free after the extermination is complete.

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27 April 2020