Stop Being So Pesty!

Do you wish insects would just leave your home alone? You never want to see ants crawling across the floor again. Those cockroaches that keep appearing in the basement had better find a new place to live. Insects are gross and annoying, but thankfully, they are not that hard to get rid of if you rely on a professional pest control service. They can use the right combination of baits, traps, and sprays to get rid of the pesky insects. They'll leave your home alone just like you've always wanted. Read more in the articles to follow; we go into more detail.

Fleas Bringing You Down? What You Can Do About Them


Fleas are tiny jumping pests that you most likely associate with dirty stray animals, but your clean, well-taken care of dog can also get fleas. You can even have fleas in your home without you even having a pet in your home at all. If you have fleas, they can be a pain to get rid of. If you are noticing a lot of fleas, you could have an infestation on your hands. This is something you need to take care of immediately. Read on for helpful information to get rid of these pests.

Identifying The Problem

Fleas are very small, about the size of a tiny seed (roughly 3 millimeters in length). They are a brownish color, and do not have wings, but they can jump fairly high. These pests use blood to feed themselves and just one female can lay enough eggs to infest your entire home. Fleas will feed off of human blood or the blood of your pets, they don't have a preference. These bites can leave behind welts that can itch. Fleas can bite you more than once, so imagine if you have an infestation in your home, these pests can be biting you constantly.

Getting Rid Of The Problem

Fleas may be coming in from outside. Even if you don't have any pets at all, if you have squirrels nearby, or other wildlife, fleas can be on these other animals as well. Fleas can be living in your grass and in the trees outside of your home. It doesn't necessarily matter if you have pets or not, these pests can still get into your home and use you as their source of food, and your home as their new place to nest. 

To help you get rid of the fleas, you first need to spray your home. You can use a bug bomb inside your home, then vacuum up the remnants that may remain in your house. Vacuuming often and removing clutter from your home is a way to deplete the population in your home as well. Be sure you vacuum anything that is upholstered, or carpeted and empty the canister outside of your home. 

Kill fleas outside your home as well by using an insecticide on your grass. You can sprinkle a granular insecticide on your grass to kill fleas that may be living in your yard to prevent them from getting on your shoes or clothing and bringing them into your home.

Make sure you are also trimming your yard and trimming your landscaping around your home, as this is also where fleas and other pests can be living.

If you have fleas in your home, you need to take action before you have a larger problem. Hire an exterminator like one at Kingsway Extermination to help you get rid of the fleas both inside and outside of your home.


7 May 2020