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5 Tips To Help You Avoid Bedbugs During And After Vacationing


If you are planning to travel after restrictions for the pandemic subside, you should learn how to keep you and your family safe from bedbugs. The CDC says that the presence of bedbugs in five-star hotels isn't determined by cleanliness since these critters are found all over the world, and they can easily move about in shared accommodations. Here are five tips to use during and after your vacation to help you avoid bringing bedbugs back into your home.

1. Read Travel Reviews Before Booking

You may be looking at reviews for cost comparisons and amenities, but also pay attention to any reviews that mention bedbugs. Some pest control companies even release lists of hotels and cities that have higher incidences of bedbug sightings, so you can use these reviews as you plan your vacation.

2. Inspect Your Hotel

Once you do find great accommodations, it doesn't hurt to do a quick inspection before settling down in the room. Bedbugs are very small and nymphs can be translucent and difficult to see. However, even if you can't see the bugs themselves, you can definitely see the tell-tale signs of an infestation. Bedbugs can leave black spots of excrement on mattresses, sheets, curtains, and other textiles. You may also see tiny blood spots on mattresses or sheets if there are bedbugs in the room.

3. Set Your Suitcases on Luggage Racks

While it may be tempting to just leave your suitcase on the floor or unpack clothes on your bedding, be sure to ask the hotel for luggage racks. Carpets, furniture, and bedding have textiles and crevices where these pests like to hide. Luggage racks are usually made of metal so they are unappealing to bedbugs; and, they keep your suitcases safely off the floor and bed so there is no access point for the pests to latch on and find their way back to your house. If you don't like the idea of leaving your clothes in the suitcases, consider hanging them in the closet instead of laying them out on a chair.

4. Stop by Your Laundry Room First when Coming Home

Instead of unpacking clothes in your bedroom, be sure to unload your suitcases in the laundry room and throw everything in the washer and dryer. Hot water and warm heat cycles in the washer and dryer can help to kill any bedbugs that may have gotten on your clothes. Once the luggage is empty, use a vacuum attachment to clean the luggage before storing it.

5. Contact a Pest Control Service Right Away if There's a Problem

Bed bugs have tough exoskeletons, so heat treatments and strong chemicals are required to eradicate them. Instead of trying to get rid of them yourself, contact a service. Pest control companies will have technicians that are properly trained to use insecticides and equipment needed to kill bedbugs.

Reach out to a pest control service in your area for more details.


19 February 2021