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4 Signs You Have Termites In Your Home


Termites are among the most destructive pests that can infest your house. Most homeowners spend hundreds of dollars correcting termite damage that can be prevented through termite control. Hence, it is essential to know how to spot them earlier to prevent significant damages. The following are four signs you have termites in your home.

1. Damaged Wood

Termites feed on wood because it provides them with cellulose and moisture. Therefore, if you have wooden walls, flooring, cabinets, furniture, or ceilings, you should inspect them regularly. If you notice cracks or decay on the wood, this may be a sign of termite infestation. 

Some termite species don't need too much moisture to survive. They can feed on the dry wood on your furniture or roof, so you should also inspect them. However, termites usually start feeding on wood from the inside, creating a hollow. Even if you don't notice visible damages, hit your wooden pieces since hollow wood will produce an empty sound.

In your flooring, look for blistering signs that appear to be water damage. If you have laminate floorboards, watch out for buckling signs. You should also seek help if one side of your floor is sagging, as this indicates that termites are feeding below the wooden floor. If you notice termite damage on any of your wooden structures, you should get professional termite services.

2. Discarded Wings

The presence of discarded termite wings in your home is an obvious warning sign. Swarming termites usually shed their wings when they want to go to new colonies. These wings will be around corners, on cobwebs, or in window sills. You should get professional help immediately when you notice termite wings.

3. Mud Tubes

Termites always create mud tubes to use while moving around in search of food. These tubes contain moisture, keeping them hydrated during their search. If you notice mud tubes around your home, termites are creating a habitat under your roof.

4. Clicking Sounds

As termites feed on wood, they usually produce clicking sounds that you can hear when the house is quiet. You should hold your ear close to your wall or floor, and you will hear them chew. 

Soldier termites usually notify the colony if they sense vibrations. Thus, if they feel you approaching, they will bang their heads on the wood, causing a rattling sound.

If you notice any of the discussed signs in your house, termites may be infesting your home. Therefore, you need to call experts to help you get rid of them.    

To learn more, contact a termite control company.


22 March 2021