Spiders Seem To Be Overrunning Your Home? How To Get Rid Of Them


Nobody wants to live in the house that is overrunning with spiders. That is just about everyone's worst nightmare, but here you are, living the nightmare each and every day. If you're seeing these eight-legged nightmares crawling out of nowhere all over your house, you may very well have a problem. Some of these spiders may be perfectly harmless, eating away at the insects you may have in your home as well (which may be a different pest problem you have), but some can be poisonous.

28 July 2020

Dealing With Pavement Ants: A Homeowner's Guide


Their name tells you right away what they are: pavement ant. These are the tiny ants you see creating nests in the cracks in your sidewalk. They crawl over sidewalks and driveways, and sometimes you see them carrying pieces of "food" twice as large as their tiny bodies. Are they the worst pest to find in or around your home? No — it's definitely better to have pavement ants than termites or murder hornets!

16 July 2020

Heat It Up! Why Heat Is The Ultimate Bed Bug Treatment


Bed bugs are quite a nuisance. Who wants to be bitten while they are sleeping at night? Unfortunately, once these little guys decide to make your house their home, they are some really tough tenants to evict. You can have your house sprayed, sprinkle diatomaceous earth everywhere, and in many cases, you'll still be waking up with bed bug bites. That's when you need to bring out the heavy-hitting tactic: heat.

9 July 2020

Tips To Pest-Proof Your Crawl Space


If you hear strange noises coming from your crawl space, chances are a small pest, such as a mouse or squirrel, has made their way inside. Unfortunately, the minor annoyance can turn into a major problem when the pests in your crawl space start causing damage, keeping your awake at night, or even dying and creating a horrible smell. Here are a few simple ways you can keep your crawl space pest-free.

18 June 2020

Why Should You Have Your Bed Bug Problem Treated Professionally?


A bed bug infestation is more common than perhaps you'd realize: as many asone in five Americans has either had this type of infestation in their home or they have associated with a person who has. A bed bug problem is something that requires bed bug services by a trained professional in order to remove the problem entirely. Here are reasons why you should always have your bed bug issues treated by a pest control specialist.

3 June 2020

How Do You Know If You Need Mosquito Control On Your Property?


No one really likes it, but mosquitoes are just a part of life in most places across the country. These blood-sucking pests may not come into your home, build nests, and get into your food supply or mattresses, but they can be just as problematic just the same. Since mosquitoes are just a natural nuisance in most places, you may be left wondering if you should be seeking professional mosquito control.

22 May 2020

Bought A Vacant Home? Hire A Pest Control Service Before Moving In


You can often save a bundle of cash by purchasing a home that has sat empty for a while. Such a home likely needs a lot of work, but if you are willing to do that work, you can end up with a gorgeous home at an affordable price. Before you move in, though, there's a professional you need to call: the exterminator. Here are the pest controls services you should have performed on an empty home before move-in.

19 May 2020