How Much Should You Pay For A Pest Control Service? 3 Aspects That Determine The Cost


When pests invade your home, you should always act quickly. In this case, you should contact a pest control company because do-it-yourself solutions are usually ineffective, costly, and unreliable. However, you may sometimes be tempted to forego professional help, perhaps because you think it could be too expensive for you or an unnecessary expense. However, this isn't always the case. You would spend some money hiring a pest control company, but it could be cost-effective in the long run.

19 April 2023

How To Remove Bed Bugs From Your Bed


If you have found bed bugs in your bed, and you are sure that this is the only part of your home where they are located, you need to get started exterminating them. They can quickly go from your bed to the rest of your bedroom, or throughout your entire home if you aren't careful. These pests will bite you as you sleep, and if that's not a scary enough thought, they can attach themselves to you or your clothing and find their way through the rest of your home, or they may travel with you elsewhere.

13 March 2023

Wildlife Removal Tips If You Run Into A Problem With A Pest


Throughout your time as a homeowner, you may encounter all types of pests, but you may also have an issue with some wildlife as well. Wildlife such as raccoons, squirrels, chipmunks, or even opossums may at some point get into your home and cause a disruption to your life. If you have an issue with any of these wildlife animals, it's best to leave them alone until you can get a wildlife expert to your home to remove them for you.

31 January 2023

Got Mice? 2 Tips To Get Them Out


If you have seen a mouse in your house, you need to take steps now to get it out. Because you have seen one, you may have more than you think. If you have several, a female may become pregnant and make the problem even worse. To help you, keep reading for some tips on getting these mice out.  Things You Can Do There are many things you can do on your own.

20 December 2022

Top 4 Termite Control Questions Answered


If you reside in an area prone to termite invasions, you need to learn more about these critters, even if you haven't experienced this problem. Learning how they cause damage and familiarizing yourself with termite pest control measures to apply after an infestation can help you act fast and remedy the situation before it gets out of hand. This post answers some common questions about termite pest control, so keep reading to find out more.

15 November 2022

3 Skunk Control Tips for Your Home


Apart from the stinking smell, a skunk's spray has incredible distance and can hit you from several feet away. The spray can cause severe eye damage, nausea, vomiting, and respiratory complications. Also, skunks can damage your garden or create a mess in your home while rummaging around. Here are skunk control tips that can help you handle the animals effectively. Motion Detection Sprinklers You can easily scare off skunks using a motion-activated sprinkler.

3 October 2022

What Are Sod Webworms And How Do You Get Rid Of Them?


Sod webworms are a caterpillar that will eventually turn into a moth. They feed off of the grass stems in your yard and get their names from the webs they spawn and hide in during the day in your lawn. These pests can damage an entire lawn if you allow them to. They can create dead spots in your yard that will eventually lead to other dead areas until you have nothing but brown patches in your grass.

29 August 2022

How To Safely Approach Racoon Removal


Racoons are very smart and are pretty good at getting into homes. If you have a raccoon inside your property, here are several removal tips to review before you get started.   Keep Racoons Confined to an Area Racoons may not look very fast, but they have quite a bit of speed when they want to. That's why it's important to trap this pest in an area of your home if you can so that you have an easier time removing them completely from your property.

21 July 2022

Protecting Your Family Against Radon


For many homeowners, radon gas can be a significant problem for their homes as it can expose those inside to dangerous levels of this naturally occurring substance. While radon is a significant issue that will need to be addressed, it is often a problem that homeowners have not given much thought to combat, and this can leave them poorly prepared to protect themselves against this risk. Do The Materials Used In The Construction Of A Home Impact Its Vulnerability To Radon Issues?

15 June 2022

Pest Control: Ways Termites Can Gain Entry To Your Home


Termites may be small in size, but they can cause massive destruction. These insects are extremely invasive and can multiply rapidly. Dampness, wood, and warmth in your home can attract these insects. If you spot them in your house, consider hiring termite extermination services at once. Here are several ways that termites can gain entry into your residence: Foundation  Termites can get into your living space through the foundation. For instance, subterranean termites may look for gaps or cracks in your foundation.

9 May 2022